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TEA Thorsten Englert Architects is dedicated to sustainable architecture and urbanism in all its aspects:

                                                              economic, social and ecologic. 

About us


  • Thorsten Englert Architects - German architecture office in Mexico City

  • Professional partner with extensive knowledge and experience

  • Reliable guide for a progressive and distinctive design

  • Expert in sustainable development and energy efficiency

  • Solid practical (collaborations with Fernando Romero, Tatiana Bilbao) and theoretical experience (Professor of Architecture at UNAM).


What we do


  • We accompany you in the transformation of your company or business towards greater sustainability and efficiency

  • By applying sustainable design and the method of value engineering, we reduce the cost of the different stages of construction, operation and maintenance, while guaranteeing the highest quality standards.


Our services


We work with you through every architectural phase (conceptual planing, pre- design, architectural design, executive design and supervision and direction of construction) to ensure the smooth completion of your project. We have profound experience with:​

  • Residential buildings (one family houses, apartment buildings) with optimised planning of complex terrains

  • Office buildings, commercial buildings, hotels and industrial parks

  • Cultural buildings (museums and theatres) and educative buildings (kinder gardens, schools and faculties)

  • Communal buildings (embassies, ministry buildings)

  • High-rise, medium-rise and low-rise buildings

  • Design of residential developments and  urban design

  • Renovation and conversions of historic buildings with increase of energy efficiency

  • Landscaping and landscape planning

  • Planning and implementation of state-of-the-art sustainable technology (active and passive systems) 

  • Green buildings y advisory for achieving  LEED certifications

  • Site selection and property counselling

Some of our reference projects


  • Eight level residential building in the center of Berlin, Germany

  • Renovation, Delegation of the European Union in Mexico

  • Renovation, Austrian Embassy in Mexico

  • Flexible Containers, POP-UP Tour, Mexico-Germany Dual Year

  • Expansion, Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Mexico

  • ‘Pedestrian connection without barriers' UNAM National University of Mexico

¡We hope we got your interest!

It would be a great pleasure to introduce you to more information in a personal meeting!


Thorsten Matthias Englert

Thorsten Matthias Englert is an architect, urban planner and artist of illustrations and animations. Born in Fulda, Germany, he has more than 24 years experience working in cities like Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Mexico City. Since 2006 he is based in Mexico City, where he has collaborated with architects such as Fernando Romero and Tatiana Bilbao. In 2011 he founded his own company where he focuses on sustainable architecture and urbanism. 

An important theme in his work is the multiuse of spaces and their symbiotic interrelations. The application of transformable architecture is crucial, especially in low budget projects which require high quality solutions. Experienced in refurbishments and extensions of historical and contemporary buildings Thorsten applies sensible solutions to existing substances and urban structures. 

Karla Sanchez

Jessie Hernandez

Manu Oberlader

Sarah Totzler

Maren Werndl

Charles Frausto

Emmanuel (Aztreyx) Chávez

Lizeth Torres

Blanca Peña

Francisco Ibarron

Ivan Ocotlán

Cris Verlazques

Alan Maycsell

Victor Ponce

Javier Pimentel

Ivan Díaz

Constance Milesi

Ricardo Galino

Alan Raimundo Juárez

Katharina Graf

Diego Prado

Emmanuel Chávez

Emmanuel (Aztreyx) Chávez

Daniel Villanueva

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