• PVVR Villa in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City executive and detail planning (in collaboration with FR-EE)

  • PORT Condominium in Colonia Portales, CDMX, Mexico, design and sustainability concept planning

  • FREY Condominio en Colonia Obrera, CDMX , Mexico, design and sustainability concept planning

  • AMS Condominium in colonia Condesa, Mexico City, design planning, sustainability concept planning

  • TAB Expandable table, Fulda , Germany, executive planning of an expandable table

  • FRAN Casa Francis, Guadalajara, Mexico, advisory and conceptual planning

  • ​KATE Fisher house near Rostock, North-Germany, remodelation advisory


  • DV Dos Vistas - conceptual design planning for a hotel in Puerto Vallarta (Nuevo Vallarta), Mexico

  • SPRIGS color design concept for Sprigs digital creators, Prishtina, Kosovo

  • LOFT design planning of a experimental loft in Brussels, Belgium

  • CASA LENA design planning for remodelation of a transformable house of an artist in Mexico City, Mexico

  • DUE inauguration of the remodelation and complete conversion of the Delegation of the European Union in Mexico


  • DUE execution of the remodelation and complete conversion of the Delegation of the European Union in Mexico

  • FES re design of the central vestibule of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Mexico, Mx

  • BAN remodelation of a subsidiary of a bank

  • HEL exposition design "Espacios de Especies", Centro de Cultura Digital, CDMX

  • Diverse advisories for renovations of apartments

  • Advisory about sustainable systems (actives and passives) in a academic auditory project

  • Advisory in a remodelation of a castle in Germany


  • Eight transformable , sustainable vacation houses in Michoacan, Mexico

  • DUE planning of the remodelation of the Delegation of the European Union in Mexico

  • POPUP PopUp Tour: installation and go on tour of 4 transformable exhibition containers for the Año Dual Alemania-México 2016-17


  • ARG Commercial Plaza in Argentina 95, design and executive planning of a commercial centre in CDMX for FCH Fideicomiso Centro Historico, Mx

  • POPUP PopUp Tour, planning and construction of 4 transformable exhibition containers for the Año Dual Alemania-México 2016-17

  • CALL Multifunctional and transformable station with cafeteria, conferrence room and offices for a Call Centre in CDMX

  • GCL Flexible multi-functional and transformable screens, German Centre, Mx

  • BIO Tutorial bio farm for organic agricultural production in Veracruz, Mexico 


  • FON Design of two public squares , a viewing platform and a complex bike path ramp in Cancun for FONATUR 

  • PIN Casa Pinos, extension of an apartment building in Mexico City (with P. Huerta)

  • Remodelling of offices at the airport in Mexico City


  • Refurbishment of the Austrian Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico (with B. Rehn)

  • Experimental restaurant, Mexico City, Mexico 



  • GAL Sustainable urban intervention "Pedestrian boulevard without barriers Dr. Galvéz - CR de la UNAM", Mexico City, Mexico 

  • House Cecilia, one family house in San Miguel de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico

  • House David, one family house in San Vicente, Mexico



  • Extension of the headquarter of l'Oréal, Mexico City, Mexico (with M. Robles)

  • Masterplan Puerto Marquez, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico 

  • Garden house, spiral house, Narvarte, Mexico City, Mexico 



  • Schools for Mexican suburbs in module systems, Mexico 

  • Office building and coffee shop , Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, Mexico (with M. Robles)

  • Sustainable reurbanisation of Tlaxiaco with DUIS (Desarrollo Urbano Integral Sustentable), Oaxaca, Mexico (with M. Robles)



  • Master plan for a science city (Shijir-Science Park), Northern Ulan Bator, Mongolia (with A. Lupfer)

  • The Rosenzweig house, Toluca, Mexico (with B. Rehn)



  • "Church at the hill", Puebla, Mexico (with A. Niño de Rivera)

  • "Mango church", Puebla, Mexico (with A. Niño de Rivera)



  • A sustainable SPA, remodelation of a ranch in the desert of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 



  • "Jungle church", a sustainable church in the jungle of Puebla, Mexico (with A. Niño de Rivera)



  • A show room for a textile designer in Mexico City, Mexico 



  • New building, Villa for a steakhouse owner in Amsterdam,  Netherlands

  • The new IEF center with a conference hall, new building and renovation, Amsterdam, Netherlands



  • New buildings, 4 city villas at the lake at Neuruppin, Neuruppin, Germany 

  • New building, Villa de Stighter, flexible and transformable, Los Angeles, USA



  • Masterplan for the Marina Zerpenschleuse, Berlin-Zerpenschleuse, Germany (with A. Stolzenberg) 

  • Refurbishment of an historic Wilhelminian apartment house, Berlin- Pankow, Germany 

  • ​New building, one family house "Profft", Berlin-Hohen Neuendorf, Germany

  • Design of restaurants and shops, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany


  • New building, house "Fechner", Berlin-Renickendorf, Germany (with A. Stolzenberg)


  • New building, 8 level apartment building  with 10 apartments, in the center of Berlin-Mitte, Germany (with F. Diegelmann)

  • Remodelation of the Villa Zehlig , Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany (with A. Stolzenberg)


  • New buidling, 4 apartment building in Bad Doberan/Rostock , Germany (with F. Diegelmann)

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