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2022  Sustainable community centre Myvatn, Iceland

2018  Remodelation of the Embassy of Chile - invited competition

2017  Remodelation of the Embassy of the European Union - first price and commission

2016  PopUp Tour, 4 transformable containers, design and construction - first price and commission

2015  Design of the  transformable educative bus of the Museum Tamayo, first price group

2015  Neues transformables Konferrenzzentrum des German Centre in Mexiko, shortlisted

2013  Reurbanization "La Merced" in Mexico City (with P. Huerta, A. Alvera, E. Gama)

2012  Reurbanization "Villa Lomas Altas and Hacienda los Portales" (with C. Davis) shortlisted

2011  New city center for Fargo, North Dakota, (with U. Castro) 

2010  Social housing in wood construction in Mexico, (with P. Huerta, H. Moreno) 

2009  Residential buildings in a 45º slope in Lima (with J. Schleich, I. Mendez)

2009  The wave, water pavilion EXPO 2012 South Korea (with R. Salasar, D. Figueras, V. Guggel)

2006  Archeological Museum in Tulum, Arquine 2006

2002  Podium, intervention of art Hector-Petersen-Schule, Berlin (with B. Hilgemann) - 1rst price group

2002  Urbane installation of art, Victoriastadt, Berlin (with B. Hilgemann)

2002  Vista 2002 , art in the public space, Rotterdam (with B. Hilgemann) - preselected competition

2001  Urban competition "Queens Plaza", NYC (with B. Hilgemann)

2001  Transformable and transportable Gallerie, Szuper Gallerie , London - first price group

1999  TKTS 2K, moving ticket boothes at the Times Square , NYC (with B. Hilgemann) - nomination

1999  Architecture competition city hall Ostfildern, Dtl (with F. Clarmann) - 4. Preis

1998  Urban competition München - Riem, Dtl (with F. Clarmann) - 5. Preis

1997  Urban competition Hamburg-Heidberg, Dtl (with M. Pool) - shortlisted

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