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Animation NUG


The animation tells the story "Narcissus and Goldmund" by Hermann Hesse dating from medieval about two orphaned children who grow up in a monastery.

One, Narcissus, is intelligent novice logic and provided a wide knowledge of human wisdom while the other, Goldmund is intelligent fantasy with the sensitive soul of an artist, with a great capacity to love and to be moved by events life.

One is the completion other.


The first adapts very quickly theologies and philosophies in his monastery and soon rises to a teacher, while the other transforms the information into your fantasy. Goldmund, only in the monastery who understands the language of plants in the garden, feel the love and soon sees that her life needs to look elsewhere. Life as a hobo in nature makes it grow faster and faster, love experiencing different adventures. One day, having a fight with another wanderer, which wants to steal your money. Goldmund killed in this fight and then the tramp's sorry, was remembered as a child and as it is now, he decides to go to a church to confess his sin. In this church he sees a statue of a Madonna and discover amazing the artist creator of this work was the teacher and sculptor Eckhard then decided enters his workshop to learn about sculpture. Very talented Goldmund learns quickly, focusing too much on their work and ignoring the teacher's daughter. Years later Goldmund knows all that can be learned in this workshop and feel the urge to follow in their laziness. In the hard times of the plague he meets a Jewish girl, but she can not love him as he is a Christian, which he feels very lonely. Back at the house of his master dies daughter, thus now wants nothing from him, preventing his loneliness.


This pain Goldmund comes to a town and falls for the wife of the governor, having an affair with her, discovered by the governor imprisons Goldmund by allocating it to death.

Goldmund makes plans to escape, in their last night discovered that the abat, which he admits is his friend Narcissus, who will release him with diplomatic contacts as leader of the monastery.

The two return to the place of his childhood, where they have the same discussion as when they were children, are estimated to each other but not understood. Goldmund is notified that a sculptor's apprentice and begins to create all new sculptures in the chapel. After the sculpture of a Madonna, which is known as the most beautiful, tells Narciso who feels the need to follow your vacancy, which comes out. But this time will suffer from an accident. Two monks meet and return to the monastery. At the point of death, Narcissus and Goldmund have an intuitive last talk at the moment Narciso finally understands how Goldmund lived, Goldmund dies uttering the words: "You can not die without a mother."


In the animation the most important part of the story shows the situation happens between actors, the information daffodil integrates easily with their personal construction. Goldmund that capture their bubbles and becomes its own logic. Continuing the drawings used in the two-dimensional and three-dimensionality reduction in new ways to show scenes and mix with each other. What is important is the use of the movement for the transformation of places and the way the story is shown: where there in the castle caballeo and two daughters are transformed into a theater with a struggle between Goldmund and the Tramp through a game for a slot machine.


Music is by composer Dulce Aguirre, which underlines each scene and leads thereby.

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